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Welcoming Autumn



Well I had to do something with all that ravishing heather.  

Besides, August - once the height of summer - has slipped soonly into autumn.  Which is fine by me.  ‘Cause autumn is my season.  The comforting, comfortable, colour crazy time of year.  The smoky, misty, crunchy damp time of year.  Abundant and beloved.

So to celebrate - this wreath.  Heather from the purple moors. Rowan berries from the hedgerow.  Rosemary from the garden.


The Spectacular Heather



Everyone’s saying it.  

Never - never ever ever in living memory - has the heather been so spectacular.  So totally magnificent.  So utterly….PURPLE!!!

It was for this very moment that someone, back in the mists of time, invented the word RESPLENDENT.


New Year's Feast

Bird Feeder


Inspired by this video, I’ve been making a new year’s gift for the Dixon Hill birds (and other creatures).

STEP ONE: Attach an ordinary kitchen splatter screen to a grapevine wreath and tuck in lots of millet.  (I really wanted to add lots of berried foliage too, but there’s a dearth of such stuff up here on the windswept moors right now.)


Seed heart


STEP TWO: Make a hanging heart from sunflower seeds and suet…..and wrap the last of the Christmas cranberries around the hanging strings.


Feast mix


STEP THREE: Scatter a feast of seeds, mealworm pellets, goji berries and chopped apple onto the tray.  Serve for the delectation of waiting robins, blackbirds, pheasants, wood pigeons, tits, crows and squirrels.


Christmas Leftovers

Face Wash


A big bunch of fresh thyme in the Abel and Cole Christmas veg box failed to find its way into the festive meal.  So today, it got turned into a seasonal bottle of frothy face wash instead.  A little bit of Christmas cheer for dark January days.


A Happy Bauble Christmas!

Bauble Tree


Fun on the moor this morning - a tree hung with dog toy ‘baubles’!  Better yet, the tree was giving them away...


Bauble Sign


Wishing you a wonderful and a peaceful Christmas Day.