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 Are you stressed and busy and looking for ways to reconnect with yourself in the midst of the craziness?

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into the natural world around you?

Maybe you've recently moved to a new place and want help in exploring it?

Or you're a hiker or rambler who wants to glean more from the time you spend in the great outdoors?

Perhaps you're an artist seeking fresh ways of engaging with your surroundings?

Or a parent wanting to help your child develop a rich appreciation of our incredible universe?

Or you're on a journey of self-exploration, trying to figure out where you fit into the grand scheme of things?


Falling Into Place is the e-course from Dixon Hill that ticks ALL the above boxes.  It's designed to ground you in your surroundings.  It's a way of experiencing your world.  It's a means of exploring yourself.



'Truly breathtaking'

'It's like I've found someone who is thinking and looking as I do'

'I really need to mail you right away to tell you how absolutely happy I am with your course!!!!!'

'You should be very proud. It is a feat to create something that is both simple and profound, and that's what you've done.'

'It's as if you've given me back some of the magic of my childhood, to discover and explore even further.'

'I really love love love it!'


The course is self-guided.

It's delivered directly into your inbox - one e-mail a day for 30 days. The e-mails contain a series of 'prompts' - ways to access your world. 

Some describe things to look out for; most are simple, practical activities. 

These are the same tools I use on a daily basis to explore the world of Dixon Hill. 

The prompts are designed to be very flexible.  If you're busy, they shouldn't take more than ten minutes a day (some even less); but on days when you have more time, many can be stretched to last much longer.

In addition to the prompts, there are suggestions for taking each topic further.  And a series of questions helps you investigate your own ongoing relationship with Place.

At the end of the 30 days, you'll receive a lovely pdf of the entire course.


For the most part, we're exploring outdoor spaces and there's a strong emphasis on the natural world.  But that doesn't mean you have to live in the country! 

If you have a yard or garden, live near a park or work on a street where there are a couple of trees and a few weeds, that will work perfectly. 

Nature has a habit of turning up in the most unexpected spots!


At minimum, you need an internet connection and an e-mail address; a notebook and pen and a few coloured pencils. 

Suggestions of other useful (but optional) equipment will be sent to you when you register.


You can start the course whenever you wish! Just click the link at the bottom of this page to set the ball rolling.


Falling Into Place costs £30.00 (approximately $46).  To see exactly what that equates to in your currency, use this handy currency convertor


Yes, they are. If you'd like to make a gift of the course to someone else, then click at the bottom of this page to register as normal....but, when you're taken to the payment page, tell me in the Note To Merchant space that this is for someone else.

A gift voucher will then be mailed to you, free of charge, to pass on to the lucky recipient. If you prefer, the voucher can be mailed directly to the person in question - in which case you will need to give me their full name and address and specify that the voucher is to go straight to them.


Certainly!  Click here.


Send me an e-mail using the Contact Form.  I'll gladly answer them!


Just click the link below to begin Falling Into Place. First, you'll be taken to the payment page. All you have to do is hit the Paypal button.  After making your payment, you'll be redirected to a page where you can download the preliminary course information. The course itself will begin arriving in your inbox the following day.