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Changing Places is a guest post series....and I invite you to be my guest!

Every place we pass through leaves its mark on us in some way.  Some places leave just a fleeting impression, others seep into our very bones and become part of who we are.  Changing Places is about those places that cast a magic so powerful they alter us in some permanent way - maybe in just a modest way, maybe in an earth-shattering, life-will-never-be-the-same-again kind of a way.

If you'd like to share your special place and tell how it has changed you, then contact me for the submission details.  I'm longing to hear your story!

Below are the tales in this series so far.  Just click on the links below the pictures to be whisked on a virtual world tour of Changing Places.

 Maryam Montague on Marrakesh


Kristin Noelle on Los Angeles


Tracy Bakkelokken on Norway


 Milena Widdowson on the Isle of Bute


Kat Selvocki on Barcelona


 Vivienne McMaster on The Bay Area


 Kellen Meyer on Ecuador


 Lise Meijer on Cafés


Jenna McGuiggan on the Scottish Highlands


Suzie Althens on South Africa


Josephine Borg on Bivouac in the Yorkshire Dales


Carole Marie Gentry on Cuba


Beth Nicholls on Kyoto


Flora Bowley on Bali


Tracy Verdugo on Mexico


 Oliver Dowding on Home


Tara Leaver on Brighton